I would be fired my job too if I ever sent an email from my work address with that much hostility and immaturity.

If I used the descriptor ‘tranny’ on Ovarit, my comment would be removed from any of the circles here.

But in reality it is trans people who are in danger of being on the receiving end of violence and abuse, Kealey said

When the fuck are trans people ever attacked, except in cases where they receive retaliatory violence for lying and raping people? Or when they’re working as prostitutes?

Their pwecious fee-fees get bwuised by normal people who get fed up with denying reality, and that's literally a genocide level over 9000.

Yeah, everyone calling this "homophobic" is guilty of forced-teaming. He specifically said "tr*nny groomers". Nothing about gay people. When in reality, gender ideology is actually the most homophobic thing. Misogynistic too. Paradoxically, it seems that ingrained Canadian politeness ("say sorry or else") is emboldening a movement that is all about hate.

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Well he’s not wrong and it’s about time these men were called out. Not the sort of language to use from a business account, okay, but I totally agree with him (and that word being deemed a slur always makes me roll my eyes - transsexuals coined the term to use of themselves, ffs).

The movement is full of pedophiles, though. Just another reason for Canadians to distrust their news organizations and government.

An example was made for others with GC views in Canada. This country makes me despair.

And of course the Communist Brainwashing Corporation turned off comments and prefaced the article with a trigger warning. And to make matters worse, editorialized an ostensible "news" piece by drawing its own conclusions to unfairly prejudice one side of the subject matter:

The email, signed by Jeff von Rotz, repeated untruths about trans people as dangerous to children and perpetrators of violence.

That's... not for them to decide what is an untruth or not. Their claim is subject to verification, and can be directly debunked with evidence. An "untruth" is something like COVID vaccines causing a third limb to grow out of your ear, the prime minister being sired by Fidel Castro, or (heh, heh) the existence of a third gamete (and thus, a third sex). But as to the alleged "non-violence" of the trans movement, there are plenty of concrete, verifiable examples right here on this very website, and from numerous feminist publications, about TRAs and TIPs' sexually predatory and violent behavior towards women and children. Truths that are being suppressed by lazy "journalists" who don't bother to fact-check because facts are "unwoke."

I actually plan on writing to the CBC ombudsman insisting upon a correction to this piece, and I encourage others to do the same. What is he going to do? Report me to the authorities for "hate speech," in a country I don't even live in? He has an obligation to review all complaints and I think he needs to do so for this article.

Website: https://cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/ombudsman/contact

Email: ombud @ cbc . ca

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I think it was a British Colombia court that recently ruled that "misgendering" is a human rights violation.

Dear Canadian businesses: when one of these woke organizations approaches you to beg/shake you down for money/services/goods via email, just don’t respond.

CBC is currently jerking themselves off over this story because the message is loud and clear: comply or else.