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Agree mh services are hell here, and camhs the worst.

But this is an issue many children referred to to GIDS would never have needed mh help for if schools hadn’t fucked their heads up in the first place.

Every other social contagion that’s hit children and teens is something schools are expected to have policies in place to safeguard children from. Currently it’s schools children need safeguarded from, it’s teachers that pose the risk of this contagion.

Without schools (in the UK at least) roll in starting/propelling this there would be 90% less referrals of kids in need of mh help rather than the medicalisation they’ve been accessing.

It is starting in the US as well. They are pushing "gender identity" in elementary school to create lots of confused kids who will think they are trans because they are not a walking stereotype of a GI Joe or a Barbie.