They are completely captured. About a year ago I read their statement of support for men who wish to breastfeed. This was not about TIFs or even about TIMs, but about any man who wishes to experiment with breastfeeding and the drug cocktail this requires.

Lactation fetish does exist, of course...

What was interesting about that support-men statements is that it was justified by how it is parallel to an adoptive mother wishing to breastfeed. That sounded so much like the kinds of arguments I have heard from TRAs in the past: seemingly logical only on the very surface level and only until you start digging into it.

Another example like that was when someone argued that we shouldn't exclude any man from female single-sex spaces if he hasn't even tried to alter his appearance or clothes or anything, because if he says he is a TIM then he is a TIM. The defense for that was that nobody else is required to alter how they look to be seen as their sex/gender....

I'm sure you have come across that argument pattern. It rides on the hidden foundation that biological sex doesn't exist at all. Once you remove that foundation, the idiotic nature of the argument becomes clearer.

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I went to a LLL meeting this past January. I live in a mid size US city, so you'd think we'd have more than one chapter but evidently not. It was like 5 woo woo women in a chiropractors office. It was the first time they'd met in two years since pandemic started. They have not had a meeting since. (If you think this had to do with COVID precautions, yes and no-- LLLI stopped in-person meetings until then. They may have stopped them again, IDK. But I was the only one there in a mask.). Not doing much to help breastfeeding mothers if you can't even manage to hold in-person meetings. Breastfeeding advice is one of those things that you really need to be in person for. Just sayin'.

IDK, I think the book is helpful but honestly I think the organization has jumped the shark. They were nice women, but I was definitely on guard that some creepy TIM would show up. They had men in their photos from past meetings... I guess maybe male partners of the women in the group, but maybe not. I don't think you can have males at a breastfeeding support group and expect the breastfeeding women to actually get the support they are looking for.

I can’t believe this happened to LLL of all organizations.

LLL is the perfect target for those who have billions invested in Trans rights. If they can slay the pinnacle representation of women’s strengths and empowerment, the rest of society should fall easily. This is an attack on women and babies make no mistake. Even if a person chooses not to breast-feed it’s important to recognize what is being taken away from the collective ability of women to feed and care for their babies at the breast. We have the power to create and sustain life. Men have always been jealous of that. We must safeguard women and babies.

Let them self-destruct. They’re now useless anyway. The silenced leaders should band together and build new.