If only trans people were prescribed therapy and not transition.

I'm appalled at the sheer amount of AGPs sprouting everywhere like some creepy fungus. They already outnumber lesbians so now they're just openly going for straight women. I'm curious what the justification will be because if a straight woman is into a TIM, doesn't that mean he's a man? I guess they'll force the straight women to call themselves pan or whatever stupid made up sexualities they currently have.

I'm straight af but TIMs make me recoil. I love gender bending and men experimenting with looks other than Tshirt and cargo shorts, but TIMs are just the biggest turnoff. I mean you're trying to imitate my sex, badly, and everything you know about my sex is so clearly taken from porn ie the thoughts of straight men. And they always have the worst hygiene too, long but oily and crusty hair and you'll be lucky when they shower every once in a while.

A lot of them would have a genuine chance at a good happy productive life, if they had just the most minimal self control to handle their fetish and tackle their porn addiction. But no, why do all that work when you can just coooom all day and then hate some women and hey! , it's state sanctioned!

Phew didn't see that rant coming but here it is

I’m bisexual and would never date a TIM (or TIF for that matter). I think Magdalen Berns said it best when she said, “they believe in a god that I do not worship.”

I am also straight and I agree, its the faking being a woman that gets me, I have no trouble with men who want to wear skirts and make up I honestly don't know why they police themselves so much to tell each other they can't when fashion wise we women have far more freedoms.

but the hair flicks, the school girl giggles, the put on air head style of talking, it all stands out as blatantly insulting and mocking.

Men do this to themselves because they crave the approval of other men. Most women don't mind it but they don't care what we think, they only care if other men respect them. Then they complain they can't dress up or show emotions because of de wiminz.

I'm curious what the justification will be because if a straight woman is into a TIM, doesn't that mean he's a man?

Think it's the usual men thinking women's sexualities aren't real or don't count.

Lmao i have literally seen TIMs say in the same breath that lesbians dating TIFs is EVIL AND TRANSPHOBIC and without skipping a beat saying that straight women who leave their AGP husbands are EVIL AND TRANSPHOBIC

pick a fucking lane homeboy!

I have heard so many times from LGBTQ+ people that 'everyone is a little gay', 'women are all kind of bisexual', etc. The difference is some of us may fantasize about it, but not be interested in dating other women. So if a straight women dates a TIM, that's just her realizing her bisexual tendencies, according to them.

I’m straight and would never. They’re narcissistic and abusive most always, and they have a “faith” I can’t relate to at all. At the very least, the relationship would be all about them and very one sided, my role being a dispensary of validation, carefully walking on eggshells so as to not offend them. I mean Christ, some TIMs get triggered and “dysphoric” at their GFs just having their periods as if she can do anything about that. No thanks.