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I hope she's careful. I've been stalked by this subset of creepy males before because I made the mistake of befriending them. They're really good at manipulating female pity and empathy to get you to overlook the warning sirens in the back of your head.

Bet he cries a lot. He's used to that working on mommy/any woman unfortunate enough to have befriended him.

It is a humongous red flag when a man leads with a sob story. I have never met a man who does this early on and doesn’t turn around later to try to use it as a manipulation tactic.

Also, can’t say I endorse this method but I had several instances where guys stated they would end their life if I didn’t (fill in the blank) when I was younger and gave more men the benefit of the doubt. I always responded with some version of “okay, go ahead then.” Shockingly so far not a single one of those men is dead yet many years later as far as I am aware.

Calling the police is always a good response to manipulative suicide threats. They won't try and pull this shit again after police took them to a clinic for safekeeping once.

Plus, even if police just takes a look at them and decides the suicide threat was a lie, there'll be some more people who know they're lying. Always good.

I’m heartless too, I would 100% say “good, DO IT then”. Because 99.99999% of the time it’s bullshit manipulation. And for the infinitesimal percentage it’s not, just call emergency services for them and then block their number.

I had a lover who opened early with bad things about himself, clearly so he could later if needed say "but you KNEW I was an alcoholic"