Time to call off the friendship, cut all ties, and if she's truely afraid he will commit suicide (or just for her own peace of mind) call the parents and/or police and tell this guy's threatenes suicide and needs someone to check in on him. If she doesn't cut all ties now it will only get worse.

This. This is the answer. If someone's genuinely suicidal, that's wellness check territory, and if not, it's amazing how quickly they switch off threatening it when you bring that up instead of it working to keep you on the hook.

Yep... Problem is that a lot of women learn this through bitter experience, like this woman is probably about to :( and these men just know how to sniff out the inexperienced women with lots of empathy... I hope she reaches a good conclusion before he does more damage.

I guess it's good people have often misrepresented my quiet shyness as haughtiness, because men have never tried to pull this with me, even though, when young, I was a sitting duck for this kind of manipulation.