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Unfortunately you can't fix situations like this by asking for space or boundaries. Even if you manage to type up a message that actually makes them see past themselves long enough to understand you, it'll only last until the next time you're "affectionate" or helpful and their mind will revert back to a point before that conversation ever happened.

I was being overwhelmed like this by multiple people who actually did hurt themselves and/or end up in jail whenever I pushed back, it ended with me being hospitalized twice and now facing a long mental and physical recovery. Everyone knows about that and it's still not enough to get people off of my back. They do not care because they cannot care, they are mentally incapable of understanding what they're doing to you.

I got latched onto by a BPD online whom I stupidly gave my phone number, I ended up disconnecting the phone and saying online it was broken because they kept calling me up drunk at 2am to talk about video games.

Absolutely hate late night drunken phone calls. I kept my number and muted a lot of people on my phone so that I can still see when they try to contact me again (every few months like clockwork) that way I know to watch my back. Now I use a free text app and give out that number instead.