Why are TIMs so needy? And on top of that is the emotional blackmail with suicide threats. She needs to call his bluff, because ultimately what he wants is sex.

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/s unnecessary

Oh damn 🚩🚩🚩I’ve read more than a few murders that started out just like this. A crazed sex obsssed TiM murdering the object of his desire who has turned him down. Run, girl, run!

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"A week after this she confided in me that she didn’t have intentions to come back from that walk, implying she was going to kill herself."

This incident alone is reason enough to cut ties and run

This is either a suicidal individual, or a deeply manipulative prick (no matter what sex, gender etc.).

If a) even when a close family member, beloved partner or long-time friend pulls something like this, they need professional help urgently which cannot be provided by their partner/friend/relative.

If b) please practice self-care and walk away, you don't owe them anything.

Whoa. Document everything, block from all communication, have friends and family do the same. This is about to become a stalking case if it's not already. I hope she got out of this safely.

You have to be careful especially online, there's a lot of sick people out there and they can latch on before you know it, I say especially online because you are missing a lot of human interaction there that would raise red flags sooner, you really have to grow and be as steel, never put "being nice" before yourself, when they cross the line walk away and be prepared to call the police or defend yourself physically if needed.

Its best when online to view everyone as potentially nuts and when the reply's don't add up, if they confuse you by being too friendly and trying to get to deep or overly combative and trying to start a fight, walk away slowly do not "be kind" de not double down with the angry ones, just assume they are unhinged and act as you would if it was someone in the street, these are all random people after all.

I really wish we had like public information films to push this idea that you are talking to strangers and missing 80% of the clues that your body would naturally use to trigger alarm bells in real life, no one has to be nice.

Meanwhile, on r/BPD, this dude is gushing about his 'favorite person' and how ragey and panicky he gets when she doesn't text back immediately...

omg really?

Sorry, I was being tongue in cheek. It's just a pretty constant post topic over there, this exact obsessive, clingy, invasive behavior but put through a lens of people trying to make it sound 'quirky' and cute.

This is so much work when you could just block. This guy is a creep. He's hoping for an abusive sympathy relationship. Or he wants to wear her skin.

I'm wondering if he copies her style and she doesn't even realize it. I would bet good money on it.

Oh me too. Probably run into him in a few months and he'll be dressed like her using her name.

Sounds like my abusive ex boyfriend

I’ll bet a lot of women can say this

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