Great job, Democrats!! Keep pushing those female voters into the arms of the Republicans! 🙄

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State senator thankfully not us senator.

Why do people keep making this distinction? State senators are still important, in fact they're arguably MORE likely to influence your life than national level members of congress. I know you didn't add a value judgment but I often see this, "It's just a state senator".

Maybe I'm just bitter because my state senator, the aptly named Wiener, is responsible for so much anti-woman legislation (he's the one behind the California prison law for instance). But I think it's dangerous when people overlook their local representatives, the voting rate in the US is already far too low

They are important. And as a Californian I hate wiener too, but for non Americans it can be very confusing when you call a state senator just “senator”

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I’m bitter because my state’s voters (who rarely vote as it is) keep voting in the same state reps and senators without paying attention to what they’ve done. Most are either worthless or dangerous.

And even if the feds eventually back off on pushing nationwide gender woo, states that already have woo laws may keep them.

Maybe I'm just bitter because my state senator, the aptly named Wiener

he's beyond abysmal.