Maybe if a man starts to identify as “trans” when in prison to get to the women’s prison he should be fast tracked to bottom surgery before going in. That might curb the numbers claiming to be trans a little.

OF COURSE they would. And people are dogpiling on JK Rowling for being concerned about this shit.

OMG, is the author of Harry Potter a normal person? So abominable, I'm very triggered!

It is so incredibly frustrating living in this world when other people can look at this shit and not see anything wrong

I've been frustrated about many issues. But this trans nonsense is truly wild. It's frustrating beyond belief to watch people completely empty out their brains on this.

“While he was in the hall, [he] was telling people, I’m stopping taking my medication because I can’t [become erect]. I’ve not a problem living with trans people; it’s living with people who are manipulating the system and pretending to be trans.”

They all are. Every one is pretending.

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I support medication that makes rapists permanently flaccid.

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This is because Demi Lovato is normalizing gender fluidity.

Even a five year old knows why!

(And you can see at first glance why I'm worried about normalizing pretend gender like "genderfluid", like the latest Demi Lovato.)

I wonder why the SNP won't let the gender woo go? I don't understand why Sturgeon supports it.

Because she's a pick me mysoginist who is probably getting monetary and/or political benefits from it (for now at least).

The SPS is aware of Maycock’s research but has no plans to make use of it

wE oWnLeEz pAyz aTtEnShUn tO rESeArCh wOt sEz wOt wE wAnT iT tO sAy - Scottish Prison Service

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"wE oWnLeEz pAyz aTtEnShUn tO rESeArCh wOt sEz wOt wE wAnT iT tO sAy - Scottish Prison Service"

Cosigned Ms N Sturgeon (she/her)

What?? Male prisioners lie to get better treatment and abuse women?? Impossible!!! Men are pure innocent creatures incapable of doing those things!!! 🤡🤡🤡

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