Loved this. My only crit is that she says 'having children is a basic right'

That kind of thinking is what made surrogacy a viable business.

Agreed, it stood out to me as well. Although I think what she really means here is that people have a 'right to reproduce', essentially. But people aren't entitled to having children, even though it's becoming more and more common for them to behave as though they're somehow owed children. Some cannot have them biologically, some shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children. The phrasing might simply be clumsy here.

Yeah, I think she meant 'bearing children' is a basic right [for women]--though I'd struggle even with that because plenty of women are naturally infertile, or are unable to bear children due to personal rather than physical circumstances. But I get what she's saying, I think--removing someone's fertility without genuine consent, for no medical reason, is a human rights violation.

I'd think she meant preserving fertility. Forced sterilization is extremely problematic

That's always been where detransitioners lose me. Like honestly, what did you think pumping yourself full of testosterone was going to do?

And 16 is that weird age where you're definitely not an adult but you're old enough to know what you're doing is stupid.

I mean, if you’d asked me at 16 if I cared about my fertility or wanted kids, I’d have said hell no. I would not have cared at the time, but later I did have a kid. So I can see some teen TIP saying they don’t care, but then sorely regret it later. It’s not whether they’re stupid or not, it’s that teens are extremely bad at gauging what will be good for them far into the future, and contemplating their very real mortality and the scope of their entire lives.

I was medically self harming at that age too, deff didn't have full awareness of what I was doing

Compelling account - if you haven’t read it before, it’s a must-read.