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A 45 year old Italian autogynephile who works at the local fetish club as a DJ is playing football with teenage Irish girls. Is Graham Linehan writing this

It is unfortunate girls and women's sports here do not get as much coverage as boys and men's. We get the worst pitches, little to no funding and are generally ignored. So whilst it might seem this is just the media ignoring a trans issue please note female sports are just not covered. If you don't believe me, look at any sports section from a local paper to a national one.

Don't get me wrong: this needs to be front page news but with the state of female sports coverage and support, it isn't likely. Which is unfortunate because we love our sport.

Another example of why we need to DROP THE T. LGB people are not being excluded from sports. Lesbian and bi teenage girls who don't want to play against an adult male pervert are now being excluded thanks to this predator-inclusive team.