So how exactly can you be trans AND nonbinary?

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it's uNdEr ThE tRaNs UmBrEllA

(apparently, so is GNC. With my buzz cut, I guess I'm trans too 🤷🏽‍♀️)

I like Schiff, can't believe this freak got 13% of the vote over him. Who elected him to city council? I mean how fried does your brain have to be to vote for this? How is this idiot going to "end all wars" as a d rep in CA?

Something is very wrong in CA, honestly.

Maebe A. Girl? How is this not a fetish? Even for California, this will be too much for voters.

Annise Parker, the former mayor of Houston who identifies as lesbian, [emphasis mine, idiocy theirs)

Just gonna leave this here for posterity.

Anyone can ID as NB. Not anyone can work as tirelessly as Schiff. I'm not in CA, but it seems like Schiff has done a lot. I'm also surprised anyone takes someone with a made up name like "Maebe A. Girl" seriously.

His name is so ridiculous, and he looks just like Lao Dan from Peking Opera. And he wants to run for office?

My disappointment is not that the clown wants to run for office, my disappointment is could he win, with all the Koolaid drinking in California? "I support transgender rights, so I'll try to help this amazing and brave female talent become a politician!" For California, I wouldn't be surprised.

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There is no “ Silver City Neighborhood Council”. Maybe Silverlake? Written by intern. Wikipedia

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Conservatives need to start identifying as neopronoun users for one day to take away this satisfaction from them. Actually I think kinning previous war generals would help their voting results kinda

...... OMG, what if Trump said he was non-binary?

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Tucker Carlson is nonbinary, Ted Cruz is technically a neopronoun user because he said his pronouns were fuck/you or something actually. Can someone write an article about this? 🤣

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Or just a Laydee.

(He’d be the only one on whom the wig would be an improvement.)