Help me out. What are the most whacked out, fucked up, weird, creepy, disturbing, gross, possibly evil things produced by the trans rights movement this year?

Help me out. What are the most whacked out, fucked up, weird, creepy, disturbing, gross, possibly evil things produced by the trans rights movement this year?


Destroying that memorial for grieving mothers whose babies have died.

The ACLU arguing that there are no biological differences between males and females (in order to keep men in women’s prisons)

IMO the fact that men –most of the trans-ID'd ones convicted for sex crimes– are placed in women's prisons is the single most illustrative example of TRA insanity. It's even a war crime in international law.

What the fuck ever happened to them. They’re gone full TRA fascist. It’s like all they care about nowX

I blame strangio and a fear of pissing her off. She seems rather unstable.

It’s the money, as always. Jon Stryker of Arcus foundation gave the ACLU a $15MM donation, their largest ever for lgbtq+++ If you don’t know who he is and what the end game is, you might be interested in Jennifer Bilek’s assessment.


They haven't been feminist since at least the '90s and the only reason they ever stood up for abortion rights was it got liberal men out of paying child support. They've been gigantic porn stans since forever, claiming it's fReE sPeEcH.

Biden tying low-cost school lunch program to school's acceptance of gender identity > sex

Police in england arresting a woman in a wheelchair because she put up anti-domestic violence stickers in public. they released her at like 3 am in january, and she rode her mobility scooter home. and they confiscated her phone so she didn't even have a lifeline should something happen- her scooter could have broke down and she could have froze to death.

And who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if something else doesn't top the list before they year's out....

The Biden thing is raw evil. It’s exactly the kind of thing the GOP are experts at. Linking the hunger of children to frankly any other issue is inherently repulsive. And that’s how I see Neoliberals and Democratic Centrist; a greater threat than even The evangelicals.

Biden threatening to take away lunch funds for poor kids if their school doesn't let boys colonize girls' spaces

Believe it was this year (maybe not, time's flying) the ACLU blocked FOI requests about actual prison statistics, how the new prison policies regarding placing TIMs in women's prisons was working out in practice, that kind of shit; we're not allowed to know.

As well as some of the nightmare-inducing misogynists that were immediately placed in women's prisons. Blood fetish guy, anyone?

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That story of a TIM "chestfeeding" his newborn daughter. That was so fucking nauseating when I first saw it.

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Looks like a couple of us had the same thought on male incarceration, so I will swap out another example from the Great State of WTF - public school provision of “safe” transgender changing closets so parents can be kept in the dark regarding social transition at schools. Any bets on hidden cameras??

Edit to say that I am looooong time lurker, but finally just joined so that I could donate. I don’t do social media and I don’t post comments on Substack (mostly…), but wow you are my people. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without a place to read actual truth and objective commentary. I’m especially looking at you, OP.

The incarceration of male predators in women’s prisons on a self-ID basis. Bonus points for then demanding government-funded GRS. ACLU for the win, with the following motion filed in WoLF’s case against the state of California:

  1. Proposed Intervenors deny that “men as a class” are defined and differentiated from “women as a class” by their “anatomy, genitalia, physical characteristics, and physiology.”
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