They're attacking women on all fronts. At this point Republicans and Democrats are working together. Their hatred of women goes hand in hand. Remove education, remove bodily autonomy, remove access to private spaces and what do you get. Women forced back into the home.

The thing is, they're way behind the times. This shit might have worked when it was still true that the only place you could get a post-high-school education was in a special building. These days you don't have to do that.

Do I like it? No, but it is an education. They don't check to see whether you got your bachelor's online or in a classroom when you apply for jobs. They just want to know you have one.

Colleges can't even stop their male students from raping female students normally, but hey at least now some male students will get to rape even easier!

oh my god no i'm literally starting uni in a few weeks and this is my worst nightmare 😭😭 please wish me luck everyone, i don't think there's even anything i can do if i get roomed with a tim...

I don't think there's even anything i can do if i get roomed with a tim...

If you do, just claim its a clash of personalities and don't even mention that its a TIM

This will keep a lot of women from going to college. Women who aren't comfortable with this will be too scared to speak up and demand a new roommate. And even if they're permitted to demand a "cis female" roommate, many of these dorms have shared bathroom and shower facilities that they'll still have to share with any TIMs who live in the building.

I can see this leading to parents from orthodox religious communities not allowing their daughters to attend college (or only attending a school close enough to allow them to live with their parents). This will limit the opportunities of the most marginalized women. And I wonder if that outcome was intentional.

Any school that dared put facts over feelings would be vulnerable to Title IX investigations, and even potentially losing its federal funding. Any student who dared object to living with someone of the opposite sex could be slapped with a Title IX complaint as well.

Why are students punished for saying they're uncomfortable with a particular roommate? When I lived in a dorm around 2008, there were debates about whether or not a person should be allowed to object to having a gay or lesbian roommate. And the dorm leaders said, "While we don't support homophobia, we're not going to force the complainer to be uncomfortable nor are we going to force a gay person to room with someone who thinks they're predatory. Just let them switch roommates and be done with it!"

I don't think any student should be made to fear requesting a roommate change even if their reasoning is bigoted. Asking 2 strangers to share living space is a big enough adjustment without also saying, "We don't care if you're uncomfortable!! You're gonna share living & sleeping space with this person and LIKE it!!"

The cruel irony here is that schools are obligated under Title IX to address threats of sexual harassment and assault.

Colleges haven't given a shit about sexual assault for decades. Why start now? Why care about women's feelings when you can now legally tell them to fuck off and let men watch them pee, shower, sleep, undress, etc in the name of wokeness?

[–] Nediljka_Orwell PITA crone 25 points

The comment period for the proposed changes to Title IX is still open! Until Sept 12, 2022! Tell the Biden Admin and Dept of Ed NO! NO gender identity bullshit in Title IX! WoLF’s website has a boiler plate comment to add your name to. Or change to your own words and send in from there.

Press release: https://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/us-department-education-releases-proposed-changes-title-ix-regulations-invites-public-comment

Comment here: https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/ED-2021-OCR-0166-0001

Yes, we definitely need to do this. At this point I think we really need to be writing and speaking to candidates on both sides at all levels. We need healthcare rights and sex based rights and we can't seem to find anyone willing to stand on that platform. If we could i think they'd win easily.

Can we use fake names in the comments? I live in a Blue state and I'm scared to have a government record of my TERFery on a government website

[–] Nediljka_Orwell PITA crone 4 points Edited

I don't know if they verify. I kinda doubt it. But if they do and discover fake names, it takes away legitimacy. We gotta keep it real.

I always put my real name on gender woo protest petitions and on my letters to gov officials. If anyone has a problem with that, they can come get me. Or try. If they dare. ;)

Free speech is constitutionally protected in America. If you lose faith in that, we're really screwed.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." (T. Jefferson)

ETA: WoLF asked for all my info. But the official gov site only requires an email address. Which they say will not be posted. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/07/12/2022-13734/nondiscrimination-on-the-basis-of-sex-in-education-programs-or-activities-receiving-federal#open-comment

ETA: WoLF asked for all my info. But the official gov site only requires an email address. Which they say will not be posted.

Thats good to know.

I know I come across as a coward. But I'm paranoid about this stuff because my IRL name is very unusual (so I'm easy to dox). I once made the mistake of Googling my name and I immediately saw my own address plus the names&addresses of most of the relatives on my father's side (including my grandfather's 86 year old widow). It sucks that we have to think about this. But that's our reality

I provide one of my email addresses, and then choose anonymous, so no information other than the email is collected. If you don’t want to use your normal email, maybe create a new account and then delete it after the comment period closes.

Does this disgusting law only cover public universities, or do private universities (such as many conservative and Christian "universities" in the US) have to abide by it as well?

Here’s what I found: ‘Title IX does not apply to schools that do not receive federal funding. This means that a private school or university that is entirely funded from sources that don’t include the federal government isn’t obligated to prohibit the same activities that Title IX prohibits.

At a glance, it can seem like sending a child to a private school means they’ll be subjected to unfair treatment. What’s not as well known about private schools, however, is that many actually do accept some forms of financial assistance from the federal government.’

The women's shelter I stayed at for awhile didn't receive federal funds so they got to be "discriminatory". I was still a bit hand-maiden-y then so it chafted when I had to sign a form saying I was a biological woman but now I'm grateful the policy existed. The state run shelters in the area had to accept anyone who "identifies as" and men absolutely took advantage.

They passed the bill to fund those extreme religious schools with tax payer dollars. Talking schools that just teach the "lord is good" type nonsense and nothing else. This was for 18 under, but I'm sure the college's experience same type of corruption.

They're both misogynistic but on slightly different routes.

That cannot be allowed to happen. A federal judge has temporarily blocked implementation of Biden’s TIX, just as Obama admin’s was previously blocked in August 2016. Keep fighting. There is going to be Victory for us and a resounding defeat for them.

So happy that I can live with family while I'm in college. This would be a nightmare.