There are fewer venues for drag queens and the goal of drag queens is to shock and enthrall so the library is perfect. One very highly touted drag queen has co-authored an "academic" article explain why it is so important to introduce kids to drag. https://bit.ly/3dejPCQ From the article:

  1. “drag pedagogy” provides a performative approach to queer pedagogy that is not simply about LGBT lives, but living queerly.
  2. drag artists have channelled their penchant for playfully “‘reading’ each other to filth” into different forms of literacy
  3. We argue that the programme creates a pathway into the imaginative, messy, and rule-breaking aspects of drag for children without necessarily watering down queer cultures.
  4. Book selections often include queer and/or trans characters, gender-transgressive themes, or narratives about not fitting in and finding one’s voice. Some translate drag’s penchant for taboo to kids’ ideas of silly topics, like making a mess or potty time

And so on and so on. How dare one say groomers