This article title is not exactly accurate. It's not just her!

The guy was literally watching little girls take off their swimsuits to go to the bathroom. It's disgusting and vile. All she did was tell him to get out, and he immediately stormed off to report her (see who has the power here).

The staff tried to force her to stay until the cops showed up, she left and went to the cops to report this herself, then she was banned, and the YMCA claimed she had previous violations, but couldn't actually name any.

The guy posing as a woman claimed she told him he "fucks little girls," but the woman said she is 80 years old and doesn't speak like that.

Just a host of societal failures in this. That perverted pedo liar guy has more value than this woman and all the little girls and women in that locker room. Look at that male supremacy in action.

OP's link isn't working for me so I'm commenting based on this. We're entering a really bizarre era where organizations basically are forced to break the law in one way or another. These "transgender inclusion" male intrusion laws saying any scrotum-holder can enter our spaces, are butting up against public indecency laws saying that waving your dick around women and girls is not allowed. Either you let the dick in and he commits a sex offense (indecent exposure) or you keep the dick out and he reports you for this new "gender offense" (not "validating" his feelings).

Just shows what a mistake these gender laws were in the first place, they literally exist to legitimize sex crimes.