Candidate: "I think maybe we shouldn't be cutting off healthy children's body parts?? But the transgenders can do what they want when they're eighteen"


....For real though, LOL at them melting down over "transgenders". 🤣

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I find that people who say “transgenders” are the one to just have added this category to “gays” in their mind and have thought very little more of it

Missouri dems know they have to lead a purple state. I like her

This poor woman sounded terrified. And the reactions from the peanut gallery aren't surprising.

I'll have to learn more about her before I get excited about her. But, if she doesn't cave on the childhood transition stance, that's a step in the right direction

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I understand why she would be given what she could have faced had she not qualified her statement to appease the subscribers of the "trans" ideology.

I’m very confused, because front and center on her website (https://www.trudybuschvalentine.com/issue/standing-with-the-lgbtq-community/) is this:

“Trudy believes that transgender children should be able to access gender-affirming care in line with the recommendations of medical experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics. That’s why as a Senator, she will get out of the way, let families and doctors make their own medical decisions, and vote against any legislation that would block families and medical providers from providing life-saving, gender-affirming care.

In the Senate, Trudy will be proud to co-sponsor the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination.”

Some extremely mixed messaging happening here.

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Yeah... quite mixed. That webpage literally refutes what she said in the video regarding waiting. She does state this "As a nurse and a mother of six, Trudy knows that women deserve compassionate healthcare in every phase of life. Trudy will work to ensure families have access to birth control, abortion, family planning, and maternal healthcare without stigma or shame. Trudy also believes that good healthcare is more than just the care of our physical bodies. We need an investment in mental health services so Americans can flourish and lead productive, healthy lives." on her webpage (linked) speaking of Healthcare. One of these might be lip service or maybe not.

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This appearance happened before the primary, in which she defeated Lucas Kunce—the only candidate I'd heard of, a former Marine who had spent pretty heavily on online advertising.


Hopefully Ms. Busch Valentine's nomination will go to show that there's a silent majority of Dem voters out there who realize that the trans insanity—esp regarding kids—is just that, insanity.

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I voted for her! This was actually what tipped the scales for me, between her and Kunce.

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You can always tell when they have no idea what they’re talking about because their politician talk goes away when they get to the actual topic they fumble around the language and are clearly confused.

“Maybe don’t do it to the kids, but otherwise they’re faultless; it’s all love!” is naïve, dumb, or brilliant. Not sensing the latter, tbh

She's already apologizing before she even says what she thinks. If you have such conviction about it, why apologize? And the insistence that she supports LGBTQLMNOP etc, saying a man can become a woman, no thank you...

and all of that buttering up didn't stop her from getting hate from the TRAs. lol

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Not quite my definition of “terfy”. Or even close. She was barely coherent, tripping over herself, backtracking in mid sentence and still kissing TRA ass amap there. I bailed after the “there’s so much love there” comment. Love? Really? Where?

she was kissing up to TRA's asses and only saying children shouldn't transition, but they hate her for that anyway. hopefully this will cause her to peak properly. before I peaked, I also was in the transmedicalist-anti child transition stage.

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She's a weird hybrid of nurse, Jesuit and TRA. Not a likely combination, but her campaign website is pretty convincing. She has a Libertarian approach to TQWERTY, stating that government shouldn't get between parents, kids and trans medical "care". And that she'd vote for the Equality Act. No peaking on that horizon from what I can see.

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This does not seem more critical to me than what YouTube content creator "Blaire White" (AKA Robert Ryan White) claims regarding children who are "trans"-identifying. She (not Mr. White) qualifies her statement by insisting that "there is so much love" in the "LGBTQ community", that men can become and women can become men; I hope she is saying such only to avoid harassment she would otherwise face if she instead said "LGB community", for instance, because claiming that one can change sex is a huge issue.