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Accept works, too. "I accept biological reality."

I really like this because it frames what the TRAs are doing as rejection of reality.

I use the line my dad once said to me and it’s quite apt, ‘I don’t believe in evolution, I accept the overwhelming evidence’

To me ...

Creationism: Privileging the claims of a handful of bronze-age mortals who claimed to speak for G-d ... over a planetful of evidence left directly by G-d.

Genderism: Privileging the claims of men who say they are women over the observable, material evidence that they are not.

I think this is good. A certain segment like to deny the existence of "scientism", those being the ones who chant mantras like "trust the science", "believe the science", "the science is settled", or use "science" as a verb. Those are religious credos taken as articles of faith and have nothing to do with a rigorous process of discovery, evidence, explanation, falsifying hypotheses, etc.

We don't "identify as" women, we are women; we don't "believe in" biological reality, we empirically observe it, describe it, and experience it.

the problem is if you look at the international human rights bill, which is where the UK Human rights act and Equality act come from, the only option is belief as a protected characteristic, because when it was written I am sure whom ever penned it never dreamed that material reality would need defending.

we observe biological reality, thats what the word biology means anyway observation of nature, but thats not covered by the law.

And it is so maddening to have to engage in legal action to retain/protect the rights of women and girls as a sex class on the basis of a 'protected belief that humans cannot change sex'. It's not a fucking belief, it's simple reality on Earth.

1948 was when the UN wrote the international bill of human rights, 1948 I don't blame them for missing it out but it really needs updating.

I've also said "Because I'm not confused by the basics of human biology".

Yes, thank you! Biology exists whether religious people want it to or not. Biology is observed, not "believed".

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Yes! Biological reality is a fact, not a belief. It’s like saying you believe in gravity.

AGREED! Yes. We don't have a belief about our bodies, we observe, track and are aware of the physical reality of our biology.

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"I believe in biological reality"

This reminds me of the scene in Nacho Libre where the crazy scrawny homeless guy (Esqueleto) tells Nacho (a monk),

"I dunno why you always have to be judging me, because I only believe in Science"

after stealing his tortilla chips

The scene finishes with Nacho (Jack Black) surprisingly smashing his face into a bowl of water to baptise him.


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Trans beliefs are a quasi-religious ideology. Science is facts, evidence and reality. Definitely not an ideology.

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