I posted yesterday about the dyke march in Hamburg where lesbian 'TERF' protesters were attacked and pulled out by police. This video was taken after we had already been banned from the march itself. We were in this area not holding up any signage, but people recognised us and started shouting at us, among them this specimen (who called himself a gay man, so not a TIM). He agressively came towards us and shouted 'how old are you' over and over again and calmed down only when he noticed he was being filmed. He tried to involve us in discussions about what femininity means to us and would not let off for a while, switching between overly friendly and agressively shouting. He very much wanted to know our names and ages but we didn't give them to him ofc. There was also another man shouting at us and some women trying to hit our phones out of our hands.

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How are y'all now, after this? Safe?

It is creepy how he continuously followed these young women, and how close he was to them, especially the woman with the fade haircut. If it was not obvious from this that he does care for women's boundaries, he even bumps into the woman with the bun and white bottoms, and does not care at all. Also, did somebody grab the video owner's recording device and arm as an attempt to stop the recording? Did someone refer to y'all as "TERFs" or did it just sound like that? Also, lol, the woman that peacefully walked up at the end, was she with y'all (I am assuming she might be from her shirt)?

A couple of dishonourable mentions: The wider man in the grey hoodie and blue denim pants with little hair was flipping off the camera at the start of the video. Mans in the black shirt, blue jean shorts, black shoes, and reading lenses followed the woman with the labrys flag to toss some papers (?) to her (about the middle of the video). The individual in the greenish cap, black top, and blue jeans kicked the papers the woman with the black vest dropped off.

I'm thankful you are safe. In the video it's so obvious women are just trying to get away from him, and he won't let them.

thanks, I was only part of the observer/filming team instead of being active, and even I had people physically grab and push me. I am in awe of the bravery of the women who carried signs and went into the middle of the parade knowing full well they might get injured or arrested.

I'm glad that you're safe as well. It makes me furious that you were allowed to be harassed that way. The drag queen in the video looks rather drunk as well. Thank you for getting out there. I guess as long as people believe in the false narrative that "TERFs are LITERAL Nazis!" this type of abuse will continue.

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“HEY!” booms in male German boomy voice

[sees everyone looking]

“hi, hi, hi” in smiley Japanese girl voice



🥺 hallo hallo hallo 🥺

Changing your tone of voice so sharply and quickly when it isn’t part of a story or joke is straight out of how to recognize mental illness 101.

he kept switching back and forth between male agression and fake friendliness every few seconds, quite creepy

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Sickened at the handmaidens trying to stop the filming of this man harassing a much smaller woman. Do they not see the misogyny right in front of them? So stupid.

its not on this video but a few moments later an older lesbian bumped into me from the right and tried to pull my phone down/throw it to the ground. When i defensively pushed her away she got all up in my face and went 'whats the problem, huh? whats the problem??' and only stopped because police was right there and coming towards us. I honestly have no idea what lesbians get out of this, especially older ones who should not be so affected by gender ideology.

I honestly have no idea what lesbians get out of this, especially older ones who should not be so affected by gender ideology.

The women defending these TIMs likely aren't lesbians. They're probably Spicy Straight women who think fucking a man in lipstick makes them "queer"

Unfortunately it might not be the case. Some older lesbians who are in established long-term relationship, solid old friends group (from times before gender identity stupidness), they are probably safe away from the worst of the TQ, but probably believe "Trans women are women" narrative, precisely because it doesn't directly affect them.

Oh but it's a man in make-up, which makes him a member of the priestly caste, untouchable.

The women there are young and I love the contrast of young generations standing up to old delusional men !!

I agree - the TRAs on Twitter would have you believe that all young women are on their side! This is so refreshing to see :)

"But trans-women are scared because they're the most oppressed people ever!!!" /s

Is he holding a hotdog?

Apart from the weird costume, he reminds me a lot of creepy men I've encountered when on vacation in the south. So many men following and going too close, "just wanting to talk" and not getting a clear no or picking up on the lack of answer or the body language. And every time it's so obvious they don't "just want to talk"...

Looks like a beer to me. Yes he’s being super overbearing and intimidating intentionally while keeping his tone pleasant to pretend he isn’t being a piece of shit man.

Ah, that seems more likely.

Yeah, the thing is, once you've experienced rhat sort of behaviour it's so easy to spot, and it doesn't work, only to make the woman uncomfortable and warn her that this man is dangerous. I suppose that's the end goal here, though.

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I feel the same way. It is creepy. I do not like how close he got to the woman, boundary-crossing much? As if the young women walking away was not indicator that they did not want him in their space. If I am trying to speak to someone, I do not follow them incessantly, enter their personal space, scream at them.

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Yep it’s amazing how they only pick up on the materially and bodily visual cues of womanhood to appropriate and never the actual behaviors. Women 99% of the time don’t get within 6 inches of your face and pace neck and neck with you like a hyped up dog when they’re angry at you. The few times I’ve seen that she was looking for a fight and the other woman in question was clearly a target of violence. So many TIMs get like this in public with women trying to just ignore them like it’s normal…because for men it can be.

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It's their male socialization. They know getting up in someone's space like that is an act of aggression. Even if "trans"-identified males did respect boundaries, they remain male so still a no no-go.

That outfit is a sin. He’s ugly both inside and out. He looks completely ridiculous next to that small woman.

It is sort of funny to me how much effort these men must put in to try to pass as women only to behave in a way that no woman would. They don’t get us at all.