Germans must be so used to degeneracy at this point, what's one more thing? (sorry German sisters, I know this is not the way you would have things go)

Well, as a German, one of my biggest grievances I have with our national character is the "all in" mentality we can't seem to shake. We start wars with a passion, regret having started them with fervor, divide and reunite with little thought and apparently now will out trans the world. I really wish we would learn the art of half-assedness.

Oh you have, don't worry you have, have you heard of Ausländerbehorde? half ass work all the time, 6 months waiting times, rude as fck, they don't reply to emails, or the phone. They have opinions, on your race, on your professional decisions. Half assed the training there too(I imagine there's training) ,they half ass their english language skills. They are not sued bc we fear to be deported. Or DB? For a short time now their service is correctly priced.

Oh, I do know Ausländerbehörde! Not only have I spent many an unpleasant time there due to family members and their Ausländerness, I also have to interact with them professionally.

And believe me, in this weird, twisted German logic (remember - we are back to severely disliking Ausländer!), they are anything but half-assed. Just horrible. Mind you - I never tried to say that Germany is very well organized or running smoothly, it's the general attitude behind things.

And don't trash 9 euro ticket, i love, love, love it so much! Spent all weekend in comically overcrowded trains. Because, being German, I'm genetically programmed to love it.

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I can’t believe y’all haven’t picked up the “lazy” trait from America’s exports.

I didn't see much coverage in mainstream media and especially not about details. Those articles I read (online) had negative comments. I think most people are unaware and currently worry more about inflation, Ukrainian war and raising prices as they might not be able to sufficiently heat their house next winter.

It's possible there's a bit of a mainstream media blackout on the issue, that's how it is in my country. We could also seem to be just "shrugging" to the outside world, but the truth is I think most people are completely in the dark about what's been happening.

I see little or no coverage in the media on Trans issues either, but that’s because the media doesn’t want to cover them. People do care about all those other things you mentioned, but they sure don’t want their daughters to have to deal with men on their sports teams and in their restrooms and locker rooms, and they don’t want scandalous medical treatments on healthy minors for ends that are unachievable.

You lost the toilet wars, without even fighting. Diverse have to be accomodated and as those toilets doesn't exist all the women's toilets are by default "Diverse"

If anyone mentions those things in comments, be sure they will be called regressive and a Nazi - or AFD-voter.

Media is not really covering the issue, but if you do find something, it's full of TRA talking points, and "this never happens" comments from the handmaidens. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I didn’t even know I had Merkel to thank for stopping a reform on the law for so long. I’ll say “Danke, Merkel” in a very non-sarcastic way. Of course, Scholz doesn’t have the balls to face any kind of resistance.

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Making deadnaming a crime?

[–] MissBehaved 1 points Edited

People 'deadname' me all the time. Especially on credit card offers. I can't imagine having the energy to throw a for fit over it every time.