The especially insidious thing is that the gendercritical lesbians were intercepted and questioned before they joined the March, because "someone" "warned" them that those scary violents Terfs would be coming. So the police was keeping an eye on everything happening.

BUT, when these brave ladies inevitably got attacked and harrassed the police was nowhere to be found, surely they could've intervened and arrested the actually violent side? It seemes very strategic to me, police and TiM politician & his TiM buddies and handmaidens working together for ultimate intimidation. I bet no cop will admit to witnessing any of it, too.

The police was standing all around us both when we were attacked and later harassed. They did not physically intervene at all except to surround and push us out.

That's what I thought, ugh. Hats off to you for your bravery, though!