I talked about this on FB today.

I said it’s not okay to assault someone because you disagree with what they’re saying. Someone else replied, “Nazis should be punched.” I retorted, “No one is allowed to punch someone else for using words you don’t like. Period. I don’t care what they said.”

Another response to me after that: “Those are the words of a privileged white ciswoman who has never had nothing left to throw at those repressing them other than a punch.”

These are people I grew up with who I would have once said were reasonable.

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When they equate recognizing sex with being a NAZI.

"Those are the words of a privileged white ciswoman who has never had nothing left to throw at those repressing them other than a punch", oh you mean like a young girl being sexually targeted by a male predator? Just throw out "privileged white ciswoman" because these women being white and women means they cannot face harm? These ideologues think that reality itself oppresses them! You know what is oppressive and offensive because it is misogynistic? The use of the term "cis" to describe one's sex which is irrefutably female or male (basic biology).


I used to think part of what made the Nazis bad, in addition to their horrible beliefs, were their horrible methods… starting with book burnings, smashing businesses, and progressing to the true horrors: lining up people and shooting them, and of course gas chambers

To me the actions were wrong in and of themselves.

But it seems that a lot of people I know don’t think the actions were wrong in and of themselves but were wrong because of who they targeted

Which opens up a huge can of worms

That's basically the horseshoe theory in a nutshell. I've always been a believer in the horseshoe theory:

The more you believe in something, the more you believe the ends justify the means. And the more you believe that the ends justify the means, the more similar those means tend to become...

Tessa (Markus) "Lesbian Cake" Ganserer was scheduled to speak at the march, and I can't resisting posting this, which shows him in his full glory: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/two-transgender-women-win-seats-german-parliament-2021-09-27/

The especially insidious thing is that the gendercritical lesbians were intercepted and questioned before they joined the March, because "someone" "warned" them that those scary violents Terfs would be coming. So the police was keeping an eye on everything happening.

BUT, when these brave ladies inevitably got attacked and harrassed the police was nowhere to be found, surely they could've intervened and arrested the actually violent side? It seemes very strategic to me, police and TiM politician & his TiM buddies and handmaidens working together for ultimate intimidation. I bet no cop will admit to witnessing any of it, too.

The police was standing all around us both when we were attacked and later harassed. They did not physically intervene at all except to surround and push us out.

That's what I thought, ugh. Hats off to you for your bravery, though!

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Tessa Transerer is my personal enemy. He makes a clown show out of women and lesbians and our government celebrates him for it.