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Testosterone is a Schedule III controlled substance. Not sure whether Erlick will get busted with a large enough quantity to qualify as a dealer, but that'd be a nice chef's kiss if so.

Why is it "Obama's America" in 2022?

The site is a conservative think piece. Useful for gender stuff, but is mostly garbage.

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I noticed the author wrote "Biden's America" later on... maybe Obama was a typo? Biden was in his administration after all... Or maybe they're blaming Obama for being the first pro trans president

I think both? The website really gained steam by Obama hate train back in 2009 I think? They also dabbled in election fraud conspiracy in 2020.

Maybe they are trying to tie this to the legalisation of same sex marriage somehow? Calling it Obama's America is clearly some kind of dog whistle, I'm just not sure in regards to what.

Why is it "Obama's America" in 2022?

That’s what I thought.

I am straight, but to me the next worst thing about all this...next to these people coming after the children....is that for SO long the conservative talking point against gay rights and recognition of homosexuality as an acceptable norm, was that if "we let them have rights, THEY ARE GONNA COME FOR OUR CHILDREN".

Its not even gays that are perpetrating this shit, but do you think your average household is interested in making any distinction at all about that? Probably not. So here you have it, they are coming for your children by association. One that gay people didn't even choose. That LGB at the front is as damning to middle America as is the rest of it. I think thats really unfortunate.

I've been worried about this forever. LGB are going to lose rights because of all this. The backlash homophobia is already on the rise and I don't know if it will be recoverable within my lifetime. This is tragic.