So, Montreal has (had?) a Pride Parade AND a Trans Pride Parade? And, they are (were?) marketed as such? Interesting.

My own very woke city only has a Pride Parade, which, I assume, has already kicked out any actual lesbian ...period...or any decent gay male unwilling to display private sexual fetishes publicly in front of children (haven't been in a while, so am just guessing this from second hand reports).

Getting back to Montreal...are (were?) both parades run by the same people/ same organization? And, it seems that they shut down the regular Pride Parade right before it was supposed to happen: did the organizers not have a clue long before then that they might not have enough volunteers?

Very interesting that Montreal had planned to hold both a regular Pride Parade and a TRANS Pride Parade.. wonder why? Why was it deemed necessary to hold two distinct Pride parades? And, why, ultimately, was the TRANS Pride Parade the only one to take place?

Would love to read a journalistic piece on this...or, to see a documentary that addressed these questions.

Check out this article about the Montreal Trans Pride Parade. Their spokesperson said they have to have a separate trans parade or otherwise the trans messaging gets “diluted.”