I assume the lack of volunteers is because the LGBs rightfully assume that any Pride event is a "Trans Pride" event. Especially in Tranada

I live in Canada and this is exactly what is happening in my community! Every single pride event is trans-focused and every single staff member of the pride centre is trans/nonbinary. There’s hardly a gay community anymore because it’s all insufferable they’s who don’t even like each other.

Also Canadian. Someone shared with me an official statement about the theme for a pride week in their town. It is a full page long in small type: full of the word queer, but no mention of gay, lesbian, bisexual. Says pride was started to fight transphobia (does not mention homophobia anywhere!), and that trans women fought the hardest and loudest. As jaded as I am, I was still blown away: talk about full-on erasure in plain sight!