She describes being “stashed away” from public-facing roles and, in her view, “punished” further for filing a formal complaint, leaving her no choice but to leave.

Uh....yeah? The last thing the police need is for a dicey situation to be further complicated because one of the cops is a clownish man in drag

Ashton has experienced being at the top of the “informal pecking order” of the Met, white and living as a man for the first 15 years of her career, then when she came out as a trans woman, she understood what it was like to be “right down at the bottom”.

"Until I transitioned I didn’t know what discrimination meant,” she said. “But overnight I became an outsider. And it was a living hell.”

Welcome to the club, asshole!

Also, we know you still have your male privilege. If you were a real woman, nobody would be listening to you right now

Ashton also said she was “ostracised” from the day she returned from her gender reassignment surgery in 2019. “The reaction was surreal,” she said. “Colleagues blanked me, ignored me, they didn’t even look at me.”

They were probably afraid you'd have a meltdown and throw a dilator at them if they got your pronouns wrong

The stress and anxiety became so great that she believes it was the reason she lost clumps of her hair, gained four stone in weight, developed insomnia, and woke up in the night with stabbing pains in her abdomen so extreme that she wrote a “dying declaration” stating that if she died it was a “direct impact of the actions of the senior officers”.

His health problems are more likely to be from drugs and surgeries than mean comments. Just saying

The Met has been outwardly supportive of the LGBT community: some officers wear rainbow badges on their uniform, have rainbows on patrol cars during Pride month, and trail rainbow flags from their police craft on the Thames.

"We put tacky rainbow stickers on our cop cars! Homophobia and racism has been solved at last!!!"

Ashton says she was repeatedly placed in office-based roles, despite requesting to be out in the field. “At one point I asked my boss, ‘Is it borough policy that I’m not meant to be seen by the public?’ I was being stashed away in the station basement.”

"I'm not allowed to interview that Muslim rape victim? HATE CRIME!!"

She also went out of her way to help to educate her colleagues about trans issues, drawing up a policy document that included guidance on terminology, uniform, name changes, transition plans and what to do if someone came out. It was not used by the Met.

Yeah, my boss doesn't let me dictate company policy either

right? I told my boss we should put the full version of our jingle up on our youtube channel and he said "that's actually a really good idea!"... about six months ago lmfao