So many choice quotes, but just..

He also went out of his way to help to educate his colleagues about trans issues, drawing up a policy document that included guidance on terminology, uniform, name changes, transition plans and what to do if someone came out. It was not used by the Met.

Oh man, the dude really saw this as his ticket to centre of attention, and expected to be stunning and braved way above his paygrade. The met has inclusion policies dumdum, written by actual qualified policy-writers and reviewed by legal advisors. Stay in your lane.

At 37, he came out and said he was going to transition. He stood in front of his Met colleagues and told them that he was changing his name, pronouns, hair and clothes, going on a course of hormone therapy and would ultimately undergo surgery.

Bruh.. lots of police have frilly-knicker fetishes of their own.. they'll see right through you and immediately know you're actually gleefully announcing you're committing to your fetish 24/7.
Know your damn audience.

The stress and anxiety became so great that he believes it was the reason he lost clumps of his hair, gained four stone in weight, developed insomnia, and woke up in the night with stabbing pains in his abdomen so extreme that she wrote a “dying declaration” stating that if he died it was a “direct impact of the actions of the senior officers”.

Sounds like typical male aging to me? Beergut and baldy head. Cope and seethe scrote.

Ashton says he was repeatedly placed in office-based roles, despite requesting to be out in the field

They're desperate for people in the field. If you weren't placed in the field it's because you weren't coping.. No one else to blame.

When he was working as a section sergeant on the emergency response team in northwest London, he was told that his colleagues had been briefed not to answer her radio calls.

WOOP! There it is..
No clarification if these were calls from the desk or field, but I've only heard of this once before and it was when someone was being a very naughty boy and spamming the radio with calls for support because he couldn't handle shit, and freaked out when other officers arrived to find the call was unnecessary and the person he was bothering wasn't actually committing a crime.
To advise people not to respond to a persons calls suggests they're making multiple, unnecessary calls and being a nuisance causing disruptions. It's not normal to advise officers to ignore anyone's calls.. Who wants to bet there was a disciplinary in all this?

But the Met mostly ignored my attempts to put on training sessions, to absorb advice from my policy document, to learn from the mistakes they made with me. It’s such a wasted opportunity. I feel heartbroken,” he said.

Self-Awareness level: 0

Ashton’s career stagnated even further, he said, after he launched a formal complaint regarding discrimination.

Yeah that can happen in all fields and it sucks.. what will certainly make sure that it happens, is if your complaint is a load of nonsense and basically you're mad that people didn't treat you like a special guest once you transed, and don't hang on your every word.
Every woman in a male-dominated field wants to be treated as "one of the guys" (as in "just another colleague") with a fair shot at working well within the team and being supported as a full member of said team. We hate that feeling of inherent judgement some people give us on the basis of our sex.
The fact this guy was expecting people to change their treatment of him says it all.. he gripes that people ignored him and carried on working the first morning he came in after his surgery...
Yes. Welcome to the workplace bud. No one gets special treatment, no one speaks over those above their station, no one assigns themselves ambassador of anything, and everyone expects you to pull together and put in your effort not to let the team down.
Just accept transition didn't give you what you wanted. You were hugboxed and sold a lie of constant worship.. time to snap out of it and either get back to work or get out of the way.

Officers are allowed to represent themselves at a tribunal, although Ashton said he was in “no fit state” to do so and the tribunal application was never brought to the Met.

How convenient. And of course he "amicably resigned" from his next post after 4 months.

To advise people not to respond to a persons calls suggests they're making multiple, unnecessary calls and being a nuisance causing disruptions.

“I need backup here. I was misgendered!”