I always think when discussing this stuff with libfem friends, at least I can sleep soundly at night knowing I stood up for women and girls. They are merely going along with what is fashionable, the same way people once thought slavery was fine, or turned a blind eye to concentration camps. They have not thought this stuff through, or, if they have, they have decided to do what is fashionable NOT what is right.

I know without a doubt who is on the right side of history, it is not those removing women’s rights, experimenting on children and forcing homosexuals back in the closet.

Well slavery is still fine in many countries and industries don't pretend its gone away.

I always knew the truth would win in the end so I never pandered to it, it was inevitable you can not deny reality, I have been gaslighted enough in the past no way was I going to gaslight myself on this matter, its never mentally good to force yourself into a position you know is BS.