The future is gonna be baffled and men will re-write history to absolve themselves or at least go "I dunno how this insanity happened, it's a mystery..."

For anyone reading this a few decades from now, I'll tell you how it happened: unmitigated vitriolic hatred of homosexuals and especially of women keeping traditional gender roles very much alive. These are reinforced, no, fuelled (like fire being doused with gasoline) by pornography. Totally out-of-touch pedophile worshipping ivory tower types (gee, why is it there are always men espousing and promoting child rape as some high-brow and progressive philosophy, this seems to happen a lot across the span of human history, mysteriously...) And opportunistic, and in some cases psychotic (rich transhumanists who want to play god), drug moguls who in the wake of parents no longer being to keen to feed their kids ADD/ADHD meds needed to find a new reason to medicalize kids for profit. That's the very short version but it tells you most of what you need to know.

I really think stuff like The 11 Hour blog will be an invaluable resource in the future. At least I hope it is.