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I'm starting to think this was in large part a reverse Uno card against libfems. They went to hard on the vitriolic "kill all men" messaging while keeping in place everything else that bequeaths males their entitlement (often glorifying sex work, etc). Men found out that there was only one way to be redeemed in the eyes of the internet or cast off their guilt. They fought like it was their only chance to come out on top again, and what do you know, they did. The libfem women who hated them HAVE TO love them now!

People are downvoting, but in some parts, another stone to my peak were the mras using this “well, if anyone can be a woman, then i am a woman, and feminism and your fight and sex based experiences are invalid, and you can’t do shit about it because i am also a woman talking” when i was into libfem and queer.

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Very much. It's illustrated in this misogynist's comic here: https://ibb.co/xh1q63n. He's absolutely loving said reverse Uno card.

(and yes, the scrote has his feminist stereotypes confused)