What's funny is you can tell on Reddit most people don't believe in this shit, but the mods have so many TIMs that it became unacceptable to say the truth. The minority ruling over the majority.

They all like to say that most "cis" women support them, but when "cis" women are allowed to actually somewhat speak our minds, these dudes go into disbelief that not everyone thinks they are as stunning and brave as they thought. Then come the insults and just labeling everyone "TERFs" who doesn't appreciate having their spaces taken over by fetishistic men.

They made a lesbian subreddit semi-recently (hasn't gotten banned yet) in which they have said they want to focus the most on having only having actual women post in it, and I saw some trans subreddits get so angry about it. They cannot stand when their penises aren't included in something.

When you block and delete and report and harass everyone who disagrees with you, of course you think everyone supports you. Lmao. Reddit is such an echo chamber.

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The minority ruling over the majority

Or, please hear me out, the majority has a fundamentally flawed understanding of womanhood and manhood

To them, a woman is one that performs "femininity" and a man is one that performs "masculinity"

Non-compliance with "gender" roles threatens patriarchy. As a consequence, confused individuals are categorized, either by themselves or by society, as "less of a woman" or "less of a man"

Ancient societies categorized the non-conforming as "third genders" (neither a woman nor a man)

Today's societies categorize the non-conforming as anything but what they were born as: "transgender," "non-binary," "gender fluid," etc

It's not that the minority rules over the majority

Nothing stops the majority from ruling over the minority. It's what the majority has done throughout history

It's that the majority rules over the minority. Their widely dispersed and highly concentrated discriminatory behavior toward those who do not conform to patriarchal "gender" roles has left ugly, open wounds on the bodies of women and men who are unable to stomach themselves and their differences

With their track record of trying to control everything, their will be a silent majority who won’t say shit but just will vote against everything they want including rights. Sadly the LGB will be caught in the crossfire thinking they’re included too