I mean, it's mainly complaining about them being horny, but this comment is how i see it:

This reads like boys pretending to be full grown women. Adolescent locker room fantasy nonsense. I get that there might be women out there like this, I just find it so much more like men writing women. Creative writing students and creeps alike will gladly larp all day online. Throw in some bots and you've got a wierd melange of irony, too seriousness and nonsense.

Yea, I'm getting a strong teenage boy kind of energy from these posts. Possibly on the spectrum, too, though not representative of all people on it.

Whether to lock or delete a thread is up to the moderators, especially in isolated cases. It's actually a pretty popular thread considering r/JustUnsubbed

They are correct on both theories, based on the larper's post history