Do lesbians ever actually talk like that? That sounds just like how every weird, anime addicted gamer dude ever talked to me when they were trying to...flirt or something and it's weird and cringey af..

No woman I've ever been involved with tried to talk to me like that lol

Not this bad, but I do have a lesbian friend younger than me (she's like just turned 19 or 20?) And she says some things that sound a bit male-influenced. She's very nerdy and loves online games so I do wonder if she's gotten the impression lesbians are supposed to say certain things from growing up around that content. even if she's not like fully doing cringey headpat RP or anything that bizarre, she says certain phrases or slang that I think have male influence :( so even if these things aren't women's inventions, I think they do affect how young girls think lesbians are supposed to act :(