Probably gonna get shunned for this but Idgaf: I realized that lesbian transwomen in general have a more male stereotypical sexualized view on femininity than women.

That's because there is quite literally no difference between them and straight men (except for the fact they are more fetishistic than straight men and more brazen about saying they are entitled to women).

The only difference between a “cis” man and a “transwoman” is his word 🙄

TIMs frighten me even more than normal men tbh.

What's funny is you can tell on Reddit most people don't believe in this shit, but the mods have so many TIMs that it became unacceptable to say the truth. The minority ruling over the majority.

They all like to say that most "cis" women support them, but when "cis" women are allowed to actually somewhat speak our minds, these dudes go into disbelief that not everyone thinks they are as stunning and brave as they thought. Then come the insults and just labeling everyone "TERFs" who doesn't appreciate having their spaces taken over by fetishistic men.

They made a lesbian subreddit semi-recently (hasn't gotten banned yet) in which they have said they want to focus the most on having only having actual women post in it, and I saw some trans subreddits get so angry about it. They cannot stand when their penises aren't included in something.

When you block and delete and report and harass everyone who disagrees with you, of course you think everyone supports you. Lmao. Reddit is such an echo chamber.

[–] iCONIC 13 points Edited

The minority ruling over the majority

Or, please hear me out, the majority has a fundamentally flawed understanding of womanhood and manhood

To them, a woman is one that performs "femininity" and a man is one that performs "masculinity"

Non-compliance with "gender" roles threatens patriarchy. As a consequence, confused individuals are categorized, either by themselves or by society, as "less of a woman" or "less of a man"

Ancient societies categorized the non-conforming as "third genders" (neither a woman nor a man)

Today's societies categorize the non-conforming as anything but what they were born as: "transgender," "non-binary," "gender fluid," etc

It's not that the minority rules over the majority

Nothing stops the majority from ruling over the minority. It's what the majority has done throughout history

It's that the majority rules over the minority. Their widely dispersed and highly concentrated discriminatory behavior toward those who do not conform to patriarchal "gender" roles has left ugly, open wounds on the bodies of women and men who are unable to stomach themselves and their differences

With their track record of trying to control everything, their will be a silent majority who won’t say shit but just will vote against everything they want including rights. Sadly the LGB will be caught in the crossfire thinking they’re included too

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This comment chain LMAO

Preddit Drone #1

Being trans isn't larping a-hole

Preddit Drone #2

I don't think they were implying trans people, moreso cishet men who get off on lesbian fetishization. If they are a trans woman, then they aren't a man so it doesn't count, and before you say, yes that is a very common thing.

How can you be this STUPID. They're the same fucking men!

They're so deluded into thinking there's True Trans. It's mind blowing.

"We're not talking about men who say they're women, we're talking about those OTHER men who say they're women!"

It's so ridiculous, all the stupid word games like "cishet" to obfuscate the truth, when it's all. just. men.

See this is what happens when schools remove bullying

Lol 100%, we really shouldn’t be ‘accepting of all behaviours and identities’ 😂

I realized that lesbian transwomen in general have a more male stereotypical sexualized view on femininity than women. At least that is my impression based on the ones I see online. I read in a scientific research paper that transwomen with late onset gender dysphoria frequently fetishize womanhood / reinforce sex stereotypes cuz they internalized it for a longer time from a male perspective as they were born male & lived life as a man for a longer time without having gender dysphoria at first = might lead to cringe posts like this.

fetishize womanhood

It's because THEY ARE AGPs. This is what they do. This is the entire point of their stupid, gross fetish. Do they not get this? Or are they beating around the bush so as to avoid being banned?

On one hand it's depressing that the thread hasn't been taken down/the users haven't been banned because it shows that Reddit only goes after dissenting women and not men, but it's good to see that a lot of people oppose this shit and think it's ridiculous that a subreddit for lesbians has been taken over by cringey men.

I mean, it's mainly complaining about them being horny, but this comment is how i see it:

This reads like boys pretending to be full grown women. Adolescent locker room fantasy nonsense. I get that there might be women out there like this, I just find it so much more like men writing women. Creative writing students and creeps alike will gladly larp all day online. Throw in some bots and you've got a wierd melange of irony, too seriousness and nonsense.

Yea, I'm getting a strong teenage boy kind of energy from these posts. Possibly on the spectrum, too, though not representative of all people on it.

Whether to lock or delete a thread is up to the moderators, especially in isolated cases. It's actually a pretty popular thread considering r/JustUnsubbed

They are correct on both theories, based on the larper's post history

[–]Remote_Romance 9 points 6 hours ago I guarantee you at least 70% of them are men over 30 with a beer belly and an utterly cheeto encrusted keyboard.

Amongst the sissy hypno induced spooge, yes. Just cheeto dust is giving them far too much credit.


Cheetos powder a keyboard. (Ask me why I know)

They don’t encrust it.

People with penises continuing to be tyrannical and misogynistic even in explicitly labeled “female” areas? That’s just Reddit being “progressive and inclusive”.

Lol I saw that the other day too. The few AGP apologists commenting on the post were all downvoted.

I wish i could see what these screenshots say.

Also, I was curious how bad it is over on that sub so I checked it not and yall really weren't kidding. It's literally all men. If someone's labeled as "lesbian" instead of "transbian', you can tell they're not as soon as you click their profile lol

Went to the original to read them, because it's still up. It basically says stuff like "I'm not a bottom, i'm a touch-starved switch" or "I'm not a bottom, I'm a touch-starved top" and then someone else in the comment will replt something like "pets you" or "[strokes through your hair]" or "who's my good girl" or some other cringey little roleplay tag and the other person replies something again like "ok maybe I'm a bottom" or "I'm the good girl". paraphrasing bc it frankly isn't worth transcribing lmao

Do lesbians ever actually talk like that? That sounds just like how every weird, anime addicted gamer dude ever talked to me when they were trying to...flirt or something and it's weird and cringey af..

No woman I've ever been involved with tried to talk to me like that lol

[–] mrsmeyers 40 points Edited

Do lesbians ever actually talk like that?

No. We do not.

Nope. We surely don't, but men think we do, so that's all that really matters in the end, right? lol.

Not this bad, but I do have a lesbian friend younger than me (she's like just turned 19 or 20?) And she says some things that sound a bit male-influenced. She's very nerdy and loves online games so I do wonder if she's gotten the impression lesbians are supposed to say certain things from growing up around that content. even if she's not like fully doing cringey headpat RP or anything that bizarre, she says certain phrases or slang that I think have male influence :( so even if these things aren't women's inventions, I think they do affect how young girls think lesbians are supposed to act :(

There are still comments that justify the "tru trans males" being there.

These people do not fucking get it. They never will.

There are so many lesbians out there denouncing all of this and none of that matters to these people. They just will never listen

Yeah of course. There'll always be comments like that but a lot of the comments saying "twaw!!!" were downvoted last time I checked.

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