Just kind of skimming through it, this paragraph popped out at me: "I could not picture myself as a woman aging. Obviously. It was just like, what is my future? There’s not a future. That’s kind of what it felt like. I would say, verbatim: I’ve never been a girl. I’ll never be a woman."

Breathtaking self-loathing there.

Not just self loathing -- women loathing. Will "Elliot" refuse to date women "his" age like all the other disgusting celebrity men? It would probably be really eUpHoRiC for her 🙄

She's also never been a boy and will never be a man, I'm sure she must realize that. It's sad when someone is that confused about the basics of their own identity.

Also, "Hollywood actress cannot picture herself aging"... wow, how absolutely brandnew, better change herself with all sort of procedures so as to not be considered an "aging woman", that's never been attempted before. What an inspiration to women everywhere.