Just kind of skimming through it, this paragraph popped out at me: "I could not picture myself as a woman aging. Obviously. It was just like, what is my future? There’s not a future. That’s kind of what it felt like. I would say, verbatim: I’ve never been a girl. I’ll never be a woman."

Breathtaking self-loathing there.

Not just self loathing -- women loathing. Will "Elliot" refuse to date women "his" age like all the other disgusting celebrity men? It would probably be really eUpHoRiC for her 🙄

She's also never been a boy and will never be a man, I'm sure she must realize that. It's sad when someone is that confused about the basics of their own identity.

Also, "Hollywood actress cannot picture herself aging"... wow, how absolutely brandnew, better change herself with all sort of procedures so as to not be considered an "aging woman", that's never been attempted before. What an inspiration to women everywhere.

This article is disturbing, and she just looks like an emaciated woman play-acting at how she thinks a man should behave.

I mean, she looks like that because that’s what she is 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m kind of glad that she’s on the cover of Esquire because now men and male spaces will also be invaded by this trans bullshit.

It's wild how we're all just expected to pander to people's delusions these days...

What a vapid fool. I laughed at how her poses made it even more clear she’s a woman, like the one where she’s sort of gripping her hip with her tiny, delicate hand.

She looks like the boyish, anorexic waif that 30 years ago we would have protested beind held up as something to aspire to, because of how harmful the ideal is to teenage girls.

But now we're applauding it.

It used to be called "heroin chic" and while it was trendy, we at least generally didn't pretend it was healthy. This "hormone chic" on the other hand, is supposed to bring ultimate health and happiness for a troubled actress? Yeah right.

”Then other times I eat like a teenage boy. I’m like, cereal: Good to go. Or I get fancy and make a frozen burrito.”

Since they’re gendering food now can someone please help me because sometimes I eat cake or pizza for breakfast, other days I do a fancy chia seed pudding or smoothie bowl. Sometimes I don’t even heat up the pizza I just shove it in my mouth cold.

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She never looks euphoric.

She still looks like the soft butch lesbian that she always has been but now she looks sad, too.

There is just no there, there with her. Empty.

She looks the same as she always did. Just more unhappy, with scars. Her face is unmistakably female. I’m frustrated that a grown woman (how old is she now? 35-40? Older?) can spout such nonsensical and sexist bullshit.

She looks miserable and I don't know what else I don't know what she thinks she looks like taking these silly photo shoots, I have no idea what she is aiming for other then an own goal everytime, same miserable interviews all ways the same feeling that thou doth protest too much.

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