“Breastfeeding is never achieved alone,” says the charity on their website.

This is 100% BS, as I know from experience.

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Fucking this. I had 0 help from anyone and when I did get advice, it was bad. I had to push through and figure it out for myself.

Yes. My health visitor was all for me quitting. When my baby was a week old she looked at what he'd dumped in his nappies and said "This is what we call starvation stools." Okay, fuck off, lady.

I persisted through bleeding nipples, excruciating pain, and mastitis, none of which I got any help with, and when he was six weeks old I moved to a country in Africa and it was a blessed relief: everybody treated public breastfeeding as perfectly normal and not remotely sexualised. I told my Sudanese friend I was worried because my baby wanted to feed every two hours (that 'starvation stools' comment was preying on my mind) and she said, "Oh, that's nothing, in my culture we feed them every twenty minutes," which was the single best thing anyone could have said to me. I relaxed and just went with the flow - literally!

100%. I was literally thinking at 2am recently that if I ever get amnesia and decide I want another baby, I think I won't even try to breastfeed because then maybe I might get some help. Then I realised I would be setting myself to do everything on my own anyway, with the addition of tons of washing up, and I decided I am one and done.

Yup. I have a new mom friend who tells it like it is and this slogan would make her see red.

Absolutely nonsense. My first two were ebf and my nigel did nothing. The twins are combo fed and he is doing dishes and bottle feeding this time.