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"I cut off my breasts because I wanted to be a man, but now I miss doing and can't do what my body was originally meant to do, so I'm going to make my WOC partner slave do the work for me because of stupid decisions I made, and call it empowering. Also, I feed the baby, not her. I get to enjoy this closeness and intimacy that I would have had if I hadn't cut off my fucking breasts, while my baby struggles with insufficient feeding and poor latching training and possibly inappropriate excess hormone exposure, and my partner smiles at me and misses out on bonding time because she's too busy being a milk machine for me. So blessed. So richly genderqueer."

Fuck you Lucy Kelly. And fuck you whoever thought this was an amazing marketing campaign.

(More of my unhinged rambling here. The artist's instagram is a rabbit hole. https://ovarit.com/o/ItsAFetish/135310/it-s-a-breastfeeding-fetish-but-make-it-even-wtfkier)