I had a very hard time breastfeeding, I just couldn’t produce enough. I kept trying because it seemed like such a non-issue for so many women, at least that’s what all the breastfeeding advocates made it seem like. Even with a very supportive husband who would remind me that I didn’t have to keep pushing my body to do it, and that bottle feeding would give him another opportunity to bond with the baby (he was already giving baby every bath, every diaper change, etc.) and even then I felt like cattle just waiting to be milked every 2 hours.

Can’t imagine being forced into that because “my partner wants to have their cake and eat it too”. They want all the “admiral” aspects of masculinity and femininity but still put the onus on females to make it happen for them.

I feel you. I wasn't producing anything at all. They wanted me to feed every 2 hours and pump every 45 minutes round the clock for an indeterminate amount of time. I gave up and switched to the bottle. A woman absolutely delirious from sleep deprivation does not a good mother make.