So glad the trans persons needs are met through validation, not the baby trying to get food or the WOC who just gave birth. This is the most narcissistic image. I hope the backlash continues.

And even the intended meaning makes no sense from a breastfeeding perspective. Inducing lactation in a woman who hasn't given birth and only pumping is not going to guarantee you any milk at all, let alone enough. Hell, one of my NCT friends had the baby herself and had to exclusively pump because of tongue tie issues and that scuppered her milk supply, she's combo fed from about 6 weeks old.

From a parenting perspective also, like fuck let's make this process as complicated, time-consuming and tiring for everyone as it possibly can be, why don't we. That can't possibly go wrong with new parents who are already adjusting to not sleeping at all and having their life up-ended.

“Breastfeeding is never achieved alone,” says the charity on their website.

This is 100% BS, as I know from experience.

Absolutely nonsense. My first two were ebf and my nigel did nothing. The twins are combo fed and he is doing dishes and bottle feeding this time.

100%. I was literally thinking at 2am recently that if I ever get amnesia and decide I want another baby, I think I won't even try to breastfeed because then maybe I might get some help. Then I realised I would be setting myself to do everything on my own anyway, with the addition of tons of washing up, and I decided I am one and done.

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Fucking this. I had 0 help from anyone and when I did get advice, it was bad. I had to push through and figure it out for myself.

Yes. My health visitor was all for me quitting. When my baby was a week old she looked at what he'd dumped in his nappies and said "This is what we call starvation stools." Okay, fuck off, lady.

I persisted through bleeding nipples, excruciating pain, and mastitis, none of which I got any help with, and when he was six weeks old I moved to a country in Africa and it was a blessed relief: everybody treated public breastfeeding as perfectly normal and not remotely sexualised. I told my Sudanese friend I was worried because my baby wanted to feed every two hours (that 'starvation stools' comment was preying on my mind) and she said, "Oh, that's nothing, in my culture we feed them every twenty minutes," which was the single best thing anyone could have said to me. I relaxed and just went with the flow - literally!

Yup. I have a new mom friend who tells it like it is and this slogan would make her see red.

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"I cut off my breasts because I wanted to be a man, but now I miss doing and can't do what my body was originally meant to do, so I'm going to make my WOC partner slave do the work for me because of stupid decisions I made, and call it empowering. Also, I feed the baby, not her. I get to enjoy this closeness and intimacy that I would have had if I hadn't cut off my fucking breasts, while my baby struggles with insufficient feeding and poor latching training and possibly inappropriate excess hormone exposure, and my partner smiles at me and misses out on bonding time because she's too busy being a milk machine for me. So blessed. So richly genderqueer."

Fuck you Lucy Kelly. And fuck you whoever thought this was an amazing marketing campaign.

(More of my unhinged rambling here. The artist's instagram is a rabbit hole. https://ovarit.com/o/ItsAFetish/135310/it-s-a-breastfeeding-fetish-but-make-it-even-wtfkier)

I had a very hard time breastfeeding, I just couldn’t produce enough. I kept trying because it seemed like such a non-issue for so many women, at least that’s what all the breastfeeding advocates made it seem like. Even with a very supportive husband who would remind me that I didn’t have to keep pushing my body to do it, and that bottle feeding would give him another opportunity to bond with the baby (he was already giving baby every bath, every diaper change, etc.) and even then I felt like cattle just waiting to be milked every 2 hours.

Can’t imagine being forced into that because “my partner wants to have their cake and eat it too”. They want all the “admiral” aspects of masculinity and femininity but still put the onus on females to make it happen for them.

I feel you. I wasn't producing anything at all. They wanted me to feed every 2 hours and pump every 45 minutes round the clock for an indeterminate amount of time. I gave up and switched to the bottle. A woman absolutely delirious from sleep deprivation does not a good mother make.