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The writer, Eoin Higgins, is a bald, bearded white American guy freelance writer based in/near Boston, MA who works for various establishment "left wing" outlets like WaPo, Salon, VICE and The Intercept - the website that Greenwald founded and then was ousted from several years ago for not totally toeing the party line.

When he was criticized for writing an article accusing The Guardian of being transphobic, slagging off British women for being "Terfs" and slandering the writer Susanna Rustin by name, Higgins responded to his detractors by posting a photo showing his macho beardy bro self aiming a gun at them: https://twitter.com/EoinHiggins_/status/1456653558816911363/photo/1

He's also a or the main culprit in making up and spreading TRA lies claiming the WiSpa sex offender indecent exposure episode was a "transphobic hoax." Ovarit thread about him started by pissedwitch 9 months ago:


This guy, Eoin Higgins, was the main person on twitter who disseminated the false narrative that the WiSpa incident was a transphobic hoax. That narrative was later picked up by Salon, The Guardian, and other media outlets, but Higgins was the one who spread that lie first and most widely.

If that weren't bad enough, Higgins was also the main person on twitter who spread the narrative that the Guardian (which blatantly LIED about the WiSpa facts numerous times) was in fact "transphobic" and had engaged in "censorship" for editing the Judith Butler interview they did last month. For those who don't remember, the author of the interview with Butler, Jules Gleeson, originally had a question to Butler about the 'transphobic hoax' at the WiSpa. It was in response to this question with its flawed premise that Butler compared GCs to fascists. Right after the Butler interview came out, an arrest was made in the WiSpa case, and so the Guardian contacted Gleeson about editing the original question to reflect the actual facts in the WiSpa case, rather than spreading a debunked lie. Gleeson refused to edit the question or add a note reflecting the fact that the WiSpa case was NOT a hoax, so the Guardian had no choice but to remove both the question and the answer from Butler. (A decision that many GCs in fact opposed, because they wanted the world to see how insane Butler's comments were.) But Higgins and others immediately pointed to this editorial decision as "transphobic censorship," even though Gleeson was the one who opted against a correction to the facts -- probably because Gleeson (a TIM) didn't want people knowing about the very inconvenient WiSpa case. Higgins was the one who published an interview with Gleeson making the allegation that the Guardian's editorial decision to remove the question and answer was rooted in "transphobia."

Now, Higgins is playing the victim because the Guardian has demanded he retract claims that "transphobes" are the "dominant faction" in the leadership of the Guardian newsroom.

Seriously, fuck this fucking guy. This man is such a misogynist that he has managed to get deep in the weeds of this issue without ever considering the positions of any actual female people besides Judith Butler, and has no compunctions about spreading misinformation, covering up for a sexual predator, and slandering actual journalists.

Thread about him on Mumsnet from last summer:


Stupid man. Hope the Guardian never publish him again. Why do these types think they can threaten their employers and colleagues and get away with it - expect praised for it even? He's a bully and a moron - yes, calling Susanna Rustin what you did is defamation, you complete and utter tool. Be a professional. Take the fucking note.

So, he defames someone, determines that as a US citizen he can scoff at UK laws, reiterates his point with a gun and expects to be taken seriously?!

A man with a gun hating on a woman for speaking up about women's rights? Commonplace. We see it regularly.