Is that author a secret TERF or something? I mean I don't actually think so, my best guess is that he is quite sincerely stupid.

But he's giving rather a lot of space to coherent and intelligent statements from Greenwald, while his own editorialising is nothing but meaningless waffle - this legitimises violence against trans people! Uh, mechanism? The mechanism via which Greenwald causes violence is thetans a thing called a permission structure! You'll have to listen to my podcast if you want to know what that is, but trust me bro, Greenwald is wrong, and also bad, and most especially, wrongbad, and look I don't have to explain myself to you when there's an epidemic of street violence no of course I don't have a source asking for sources is transphobic.

The author, Eoin Higgins, is a major TRA with no ability to grasp the meaning of his own words. He's the bald white beardy bro who last year wrote an article claiming The Guardian is transphobic. He also played a major role in concocting and spreading the story that the crime in which a convicted sex offender was waving his erect dick around and perving on a little girl in the women's section at the WiSpa was a "transphobic hoax." I just posted a longer comment about who Higgins is.

I was thinking this exactly....the author describes the opposing side's argument with great clarity, whilst responding with what amounts to "gosh he's so MEAN" to each point. I can almost hear the feet-stamping in the background. You called it perfect....wrongbad.