Interesting that Greenwald still doesn’t address the repercussions of gender ideology on gay men.

Greenwald questioned "this new agenda of trans issues like, you know, demanding everybody say trans women are women."

During his congenial, unchallenging discussion with Rufo, Greenwald pegged the beginning of the trans rights movement to the end of the same-sex marriage fight, saying that the push for trans civil rights was a byproduct of winning that battle. Faced with either going home victorious but unemployed or pivoting to a new fight, according to Greenwald's version of events, equality activists chose to keep the spigot of cash flowing. "Instead, they immediately switched to the trans movement, which they barely had talked about before, because there was nothing else for them to do," Greenwald said — connecting to the zero-sum civil rights argument he made with Herzog over a year earlier.

Archive: https://archive.ph/hJX2k