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By expressing concern about all the people subjected to inhumane experimental medical interventions that have left them with lifelong injuries and health problems thanks to the greedy gender vendors who are peddling and prescribing the snake oil of sexual lobotomies in the guise of "trans health care," Greenwald is supposedly inciting "violence," "attacks" and "assaults" against "marginalized communities."

At times, Greenwald affects concern for transitioning people who, he contended in May 2021, were at risk from "life-altering hormones and surgeries." Yet Greenwald's brand of anti-trans activist journalism could well lead to violence, even if that's not his intent. Media Matters LGBTQ program director Ari Drennen described on my podcast a "permission structure" created by major media and political figures for violence against marginalized communities. We saw the results of that permission structure as attacks on Pride events around the country increased in number and ferocity this year. An ongoing legislative assault at the state level, particularly though not exclusively in Florida, has added to the siege.

But Greenwald doesn't seem to care about the consequences of his rhetoric about trans people — commentaries that have become a hateful refrain aimed at a marginalized community under increasing attack.

I am so sick of verbal disagreements and words that some people find hurtful, unpleasant or offensive being equated with physical violence.