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What makes me the maddest about this stupid article is the continuation of the lie that it is only the right wing that questions the concept of "gender identity." The author probably knows that it is left leaning women in the UK, US and all over the western world where this privileged bullshit "trans" has invaded, it is us TERFS that began all the resistance and protest against this misogynist ideology. It is us, the radical feminists who saw the threat to women's rights who began the GC movement at sometimes great personal cost.

The tra's know this, but want to smear us all as right wing, to dismiss us, to silence us. But strangely we are just getting louder and bolder and growing in numbers. The GI/trans ideology is built on lies, illusion and fantasy. They make up shit as they go along, all of it a fabrication, a house of cards. Just like this article: no truth in it at all.

And good for Greenwald for listening to us and using his intelligence and investigative abilities to find the truth.

I'm left-leaning as well and can't stand when anything gender critical is labeled as right wing rhetoric. It's completely misleading. Critics of GC just want to be able to wrap their opponents up in a nice little box that they can deem as hateful and quickly dismiss. They don't want to accept that people on all parts of the political spectrum feel this way.

it makes sense if you acknowledge that "right wing" is rhetorically equivalent to "TERF"