They drove the lesbians away and now they're like, "Gee, why isn't anyone getting shit done?"

The dyke march my city is hosting at the end of the month exclusively caters to queers and currently is struggling to get volunteers for the same reason lmaoo

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I'm going to guess that the security was previously provided free of charge by the Montreal police department, but then gender specials took over and banned police from attending and no one thought to replace them nor budgeted for it.


In a tweet, Montreal police emphasized that it was not involved in the decision to cancel the parade and that it was ready to help with event security.

So yeah, it could have gone ahead. They just didn't want the police there and were prepared to cancel the parade over it.

And there it is. "I would hope that they would appoint leadership that are from the QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Color) community, like racialized queer folks that understand the struggle, who understand how important it is." What Pride needs is radicalized queer folk Get the stupid old lesbians, gays and bisexuals out of Pride. What do they know?

On a positive note for the LGB community, maybe the queue-tees are separating themselves. On a super negative note for everyone not a milky-mayo WASP man, be prepared to be strong-armed out of your own spaces and organizations, have credit for your accomplishments stolen and have your rights ground into dust beneath entitled stiletto heels.

Further to the Montréal Pride Parade cancellation. To me it is sounding more and more like sabotage by convenient incompetence, especially because the hiring/assignment fail was for security staff.