I had never heard of this person before, and just spent way too much time reading about him. When I first saw this article posted (on local news - this happened in my province), I took it at face value and I was pissed at the jackass rednecks always bumbling around, obfuscating the real issues, and emboldening the libfems. After reading more about this dude and how "persecuted" he has been, I'm assuming that he set this all up himself. As of now, he's collected almost 50 thousand dollars from his go fund me (to relocate?!). You know all of those people giving him money are kids. Puuuuke. https://www.gofundme.com/f/clara-sorrenti-keffals-moving-legal-fund?fbclid=IwAR2KNkXK1I651tR5nnQp6B4WjCSiUKdTu_QIljS24jx0rYBCJzOmO9_X1cA

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Edit: welp, if anyone’s interested in this person’s character, head on over to r/canada on Preddit and read the longer comment toward the bottom with the award.