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A government-funded website that provides information about periods aimed at young people uses gender-neutral language and makes no explicit reference to girls.

Bloody Brilliant’s homepage reads: “We want to empower everyone that bleeds and all those around them to be period proud, so join the movement and let’s normalise periods together.”

The website was created for NHS Wales and the Welsh government last August at a cost of £84,000 as part of the Labour administration’s 2021 period dignity strategic action plan.

Bloody Brilliant provides nearly two dozen pages of guidance and advice, including a section called Period 101 explaining the menstrual cycle, that makes no mention of women, girls or females. A search of the website shows that girls are not mentioned on any pages, while the word “women” is used on only one, which lists the medical experts involved and their work in “women’s health”. The word “female” is used on two pages: one containing a glossary of terms defining organs such as vagina and another stating that “anyone with a uterus (female reproductive system) will likely have [periods]”.

Campaigners have expressed concern about organisations “desexing” medical language, arguing that this denies basic biology and risks dehumanising women.

Woman’s Place UK, a campaign group, said in regard to the Bloody Brilliant site: “Women and girls experience menstruation and it’s absurd to write us out of information on the subject even if a tiny minority of women and girls do not identify as such.”

Two weeks ago the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists issued guidance for transgender patients receiving care in the field. It was the first time such advice was given in Britain and the document used the term chestfeeding rather than breastfeeding.

Schools that provide only unisex lavatories are acting unlawfully and teachers who help pupils to transition gender without parental consent could be open to negligence claims, the attorney-general has said. In a speech today on equalities legislation Suella Braverman will say that schools should use a transgender child’s preferred pronouns only if advised to do so by medical professionals. Head teachers have asked the Department for Education to issue guidance on how to accommodate transgender children.

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