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I began binding and came out as non-binary at 12 and decided I was trans a couple months before scheduling my first appointment with her (age 14). I began experiencing gender dysphoria at age 5 which worsened during puberty. Despite that however, I did have a history of abuse (which started around age 5 and worsened during puberty) that the therapist was aware of. She disregarded it completely, and lied about it later on in the letter, as well as lying about my history of self-harm and an eating disorder. I had been seeing her for 8 months when she wrote this letter. I still struggle with gender dysphoria, but now I am trying to cope with it in a healthy way, accepting the fact that I will never be male. I believe that my dysphoria is due to the sexual, physical, and mental abuse that I suffered.


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Her story is so incredibly sad, and scary for what it means in relation to mental health practices. Many GC folks have suspected that these so-called therapists are waving away actual issues in order to champion their trans pet project. And so very many stories like this one have come out to confirm those suspicions. It's a whole new way for "therapists" to get lazy about actually trying to fix the problem, just like pills and other treatments have been too easily handed out in past decades as a quick-fix. Or, even more insidiously, they could be purposefully creating lifelong patients by knowing that "gender therapy" will not solve the patients' actual problems. Either option is very grim.